Ginger’s Hotter
      Colorado Springs
      February 17, 2007

      Mike and I had so much fun photographing the band Ginger’s Hotter in concert on Saturday night. We photographed them last year, but since then they have a new lead singer, so they asked us to come back for more pictures. Keith, the new singer, is really good! I’m glad these photos turned out, because I was dancing pretty hard while taking most of them.

      You can find their website here: Ginger’s Hotter
      You should check them out if you’re in town!


      Aww congratulations!

      I don’t even think it’s that so much… Charlotte kind of said it herself… if a woman’s sport wants real attention they have to do something that a man’s sport would never even have to consider. Besides, I’ve seen roller derbies… and yeah the outfits are trashy, but they are far from dressed like porn-stars. I see sluttier outfits on the little pop-tarts whose main goal in life is to go out clubbing every night.
      Not to mention the fact that it really doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, you have a right to not have your image sold without your permission. Saying ‘if you’re gonna dress like a porn star’ and then trailing off makes an implication that they deserve the treatment. They do not. No one does. Period.

      I’ve just written a post about wedding. Would be glad to know your opinion. I found you by search requests.

      that’s great news! congratulations!

      What a difference! It looks amazing and I love your counter tops too. The floor is bootiful! Looks like they’ll be done in a few more days!

      what does flushmount mean?

      Oooh you have fabulous color taste 🙂
      Looks wonderful!

      Sorry to hear you are sick 🙁 I will send some things…I am a huge Idol fan so here is a pic I caught of an Idol Sanjaya look alike in a local mall…

      Sanjaya spotted in the Orem Mall
      Fuji F45

      What a fun night indeed! I’ve gotta tell you, I’m designing an album for Amy and JP as we speak (well, I’m obviously taking a break) and I wish that the couple had half the spirit that this wedding did! That is, of course, not at all A & J’s fault. They have spirit and then some.

      Those are simply adorable!!

      Charlotte, no clue what you’re talking about on this thread re: settings, but the photos look great. Thx! You and Mike need to come back to see us when you’re not working. I’ll buy you guys a drink if you can explain (to a drummer, mind you) how to take a picture of my kids with the sunset in the background. 🙂

      Jeff (GH drummer)

      Awesome photos! That looks like it was a lot of fun.

      you got the lights SO WELL. that is amazing.

      oOPs, sorry, serves me right for leaving windows open and forgetting to refresh before replying. :p

      great shots!!

      Thanks! I love the lights and fog at this venue. Unfortunately the lights also made their skin look green or orange at times, but still it was fun and dramatic.

      We varied the settings, depending on our desired effect, but I spent most of the evening alternating between these two settings:

      1. Flash bounced off celling behind me, ISO around 800, manual metering mode at about f3.5 and 1/30.

      2. No flash, ISO 3200, aperture metering mode at about f1.8.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen concert photos that crisp and colorful before. What were your settings, if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂

      WOW! these are awesome. Everything looks so cool in the colored lights.

      Yup! The Thirsty Parrot is my favorite place to photograph bands in this town.

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