I’ve been tagged! My friend Karie McLain is a photographer here in Colorado Springs, and she tagged me with a request to list eight random facts about myself. So bring on the randomness!

      1. If I could do any profession other than photography, I’d be a superstar on Broadway.

      2. One of these days I’m going to go to New Zealand and study the impact of eco-tourism on dolphins. Either that, or I’ll go to Bali and live in a tree house for two weeks to study the self-medicating behaviors of orangutans. Or maybe both.

      3. I don’t understand people who don’t like vegetables. They are seriously missing out. My favorites are red peppers and tomatoes, and this summer I’m on an arugula kick.

      4. I named my cats after chimpanzee researchers. Janie and Roger are named after Jane Goodall and Roger Fouts. I know that’s a weird thing to do to a cat, but Goodall and Fouts are two of my heroes. They taught me that compassion should be treasured above all traits, including intelligence. In the late 90s, I studied sign language for six months so I could volunteer with Fouts’ chimps and speak to them in a shared language. The experience changed me.

      5. When I was in fourth grade, I was on a TV game show called “It’s Elementary.” I was chosen to be one of their math contestants, which is funny considering I never liked math. Somewhere my family has a VHS tape of that show, and I look really short.

      6. One of my fondest memories is sitting alone in Marin County, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. I sat there for hours, watching the fog roll in and out. It was sublime.

      7. I could win a ton of money on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” or “The Singing Bee.” If I could clear out all the song lyrics from my brain, I could do something useful with that leftover brain power, like cure cancer. When I was in high school, I would memorize facts for tests by putting them to music. I can still recite the last stanza of “Thanatopsis,” because I sing it in my head to the tune of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”

      8. Before I met Mike, I really didn’t think I could be happier with a man in my life. I was wrong.


      I don’t understand people dislike vegetables, either! In fact, I find them to be really frustrating and pretty close-minded, haha.

      I don’t understand people dislike vegetables, either! In fact, I find them to be really frustrating and pretty close-minded, haha.

      Definitely give it a try if you ever need to memorize something!

      That’s so funny! My brain is a useless collection of lyrics, reality show trivia, and to do lists. I wish I had something handy stored away in there.

      The fog is just one of millions of wonderful things about that area. I love it there.

      Oh my gosh, how funny! I don’t remember you setting it to music, but it certainly works. I don’t think Ms. Haynes knew what to do with the two of us!

      I love your icon… someday I want to photograph you boxing!

      How wonderful! Congrats to you and your Mike. 🙂

      I remember way too much unnecessary lyrics too, maybe I should try that random fact number seven of yours. 🙂

      Your #7? My mother has always said that if she can just forget the name of the boy she knocked down and kissed in first grade that she would then remember where her glasses or car keys are!

      Amazing how the brain works, huh?

      The fog is one of the reasons I missed this area. I’m glad to be back. It’s so pretty, and cooling.

      do you remember in 5th grade ms. haynes made us recite the gettysburg address? you dressed up like abe lincoln. i dressed up and pretended i was a girl who’d been there during the speech (and she accused me of cheating because i was holding a blank sheet of paper in front of me- for effect)- what we didn’t do for extra credit! anyhow, i memorized the dang thing by setting it to music. my biggest 5th grade worry was accidentally slipping in to song reciting it. sheesh!

      I agree agree 100% with #8, especially because I’ve fallen in love with a man named Mike as well <3

      I should have done that; put the test material to music and sing it. Maybe I would’ve done better on tests.

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