Highlands Ranch, Colorado
      May 27, 2008

      Chrissy and Barry got married a year and a half ago, and now they have an adorable baby boy! You might remember them from their engagement portraits and wedding photos in 2006. Chrissy and Barry are an adorable couple, so it’s no surprise that their son Hudson is a total cutie!

      This kid has so much personality!

      I think adoring parents are just as cute as their kids.


      I am finally getting a peek at your vacation pics. I can’t believe it’s already green in Virginia! I’m jealous. It looks like you are having fun! :o) Tamera

      Yeah, I’m waiting for the magic fat pill. Until then, please pass the chocolate.

      Well, I’m not into that “exercise” and “good eating” mumbo jumbo.


      That’s so cool that you remember their e-portraits! I’ve always had such fun with these guys. I’m not sure exactly how old Hudson is, but they’ve certainly had an eventful marriage so far!

      Their little dog, Daisy, is going to be such a fun little friend for him as he gets older!

      Oh I know Chrissy and Barry are going to love to see that!

      That set of four photos still makes me smile every time I see it.

      I love the little tuft of blond hair on the top of his head.

      Me too! They are adorable parents!

      “Miso Cute”… I loved it.

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He’s just sooooooooo cute. 🙂

      AWw! I remember loving their engagement photos. That’s amazing that they have a baby now. What a cutie! =) How old is he??

      Happy Father’s Day, Mike!

      Although you and Charlotte don’t have any childrern, you two do have Ally The Dog and Janie The Cat, who no doubt think of you and Charlotte as their parents.

      And I presume over the last few days, Charlotte has been telling both Ally and Janie to be extra nice to their Daddy (you, Mike) this Sunday for Father’s Day.

      wow cuteness overload – I can’t take it!

      LOVE that one with the dog! What a great pet. The one with his parents in the background is another favorite. What an awesome smile that little guy has!

      Sharon 🙂

      Oh my God that is the cutest kid I have ever seen!

      Oh my, that one where you have four facial expressions gave me a much (MUCH) needed giggle.

      Man that kid is one heck of an adorable boy. I bet that was a fun shoot.

      aw, what a cutie pie!! i love adoring parents too. LOVE #5 and his shirt is tooooo cute!

      Such a cutie! He seems to have loved the camera!!
      I love the first picture most.

      I love the adoring parents shot.

      Oh my goodness, what a cutie!

      And now I have to find that shirt for my daughter.

      Yeah, if I looked that good after having a baby, I’d have portraits taken, too!

      aw, what a cutie pie!! i love adoring parents too. LOVE #5 and his shirt is tooooo cute!

      I love the adoring parents shot.

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