Adam and Carissa
      Their farm in Larkspur, Colorado
      June 5, 2010

      Carissa and Adam got married yesterday with a backyard celebration at the farm where they live and work. This farm raises greens that are sold to local restaurants, which was fascinating to me and the guests. The farm is also home to chickens, goats, dogs, and a very cuddly cat.It’s a ton of work to host your own wedding, and Carissa and Adam worked for months to prepare for it. They grew their own salad greens, made their own cupcakes, grew herbs as party favors, and even made several types of beer. The final result was a creative and fun wedding that perfectly reflected their personalities. I love a wedding with so many personal touches. Congratulations, Carissa and Adam!

      Greenhouse filled with flowers

      Watering the greens in the hot house

      Butterfly and lilacs
      The lilacs were in full bloom, making everything smell beautiful.

      Potted flower wedding centerpiece
      Potted flowers were the perfect choice for their centerpieces.

      Potted herb wedding favor
      They grew dozens of potted herbs to give away as wedding favors.

      Short wedding dress
      Carissa wore a knee-length wedding dress — adorable!

      I love it when brides get ready at home, and I can include their own decor in the photos, like this painting of Adam’s.

      Getting her hair done

      Bride decorating cupcakes
      Carissa is a baker who made all the cupcakes for the wedding. After she was dressed for the wedding, she put on this floral apron and finished icing them. She looked like something out of a 1950s Good Housekeeping. Cute!

      I’m glad she made so many cupcakes, because the vast quantity made me feel less guilty about eating four of them. They were seriously divine. If any of you are looking to hire someone to make cupcakes, Carissa is your woman.

      A wave for Adam before walking down the aisle.

      Just as they started to walk into the ceremony, Carissa’s dad needed to stop for a moment.

      A hug after the first kiss

      Bride and groom in front of a red barn

      Bride and groom with dog
      Sam adores her humans, and she followed us around during the portraits.

      Bride with dog

      Inside the hot house with the greens that Adam raises

      Farm wedding
      The reception took place in a tent on the farm.

      They served all sorts of homemade food and drink, including home-grown lettuce and beer than Adam had made.

      Chocolate cupcake
      Of course Carissa’s cupcakes were a huge hit.

      First dance

      Dancing with her father


      Making friends with the goats

      This goat decided to eat this little girl’s dress. She didn’t seem to mind.

      It wasn’t clear to me whether the chicken forgave her, even after she apologized.

      Wedding rings with cupcakes

      A fierce thunderstorm moved right overhead.


      The dog positively steals the show.

      I love love love everything about this wedding. Horse shoes ! Who wouldn’t love that?

      Doggie steals the show. What a good fluffball that one is.

      Wow! That thunderstorm photo made my jaw drop! There’s a one in a million chance that you could candidly capture something like that! Good job!

      And you did a superb job too in documenting such a creative and fun wedding. This couple’s wedding is probably the most intimate I’ve ever heard of. The photo of the bride in her wedding dress topping off her cupcakes with icing right before her wedding says it all. 🙂

      I came across this post from the Flickr group. I just had to let you know that I LOVE this wedding. It’s makes me wish I could have done this when my wife and I got married. I’m really digging the sangria and tamales. Great work!

      I love the pic of the chicken and the tent. I can’t believe how much work they did! insane!

      now that looks like a FUN wedding!
      and now i totally want to move to colorado and grow greens! is he hiring?

      Ashley! It’s great to hear from you! I’m so glad that you love the photos, and of course I’d love to do the same for you someday. 🙂

      Ashley Banks (Cousin 2 Carissa)

      Charlotte!!! you did such an amazing job! I feel so lucky to have been a part of the wedding and I thank you so much for the beautiful photos.. I know our family will cherish them always! So, when I get married you have to come out to California and do my wedding! 😉

      Super photos, loving the prep shots, really tells the story of what the couple put into their wedding day!

      That looks like such a fun wedding! 🙂 and the pictures are amazing, as usual.

      Those cupcakes look fantastic, along with your photos! I just adore the photo with the goat.

      Wow! I think this has to be my favourite of all the weddings you’ve photographed so far! The couple looks so cute and fun. I LOVE that they just had it on their farm. The little animals in the pictures were just so sweet. And the home-made food looks amazing! What a great batch of pictures. Looks like it was such a fun little wedding! =)

      the pics of Carissa with her dad made me tear up. the last pic is so lovely. think they adore each other much? hehehe.

      love love love the scenic shots with the farm in the background, too.

      oh hell. i loved all of them! (i always do. *g*)

      Wow, that thunderstorm photo is gorgeous!

      This looks like it was such a wonderful wedding.

      the pics of Carissa with her dad made me tear up. the last pic is so lovely. think they adore each other much? hehehe.

      love love love the scenic shots with the farm in the background, too.

      oh hell. i loved all of them! (i always do. *g*)

      Wow, that thunderstorm photo is gorgeous!

      This looks like it was such a wonderful wedding.

      Beautiful. One of the best shots I think from your side. Amazing idea to have a wedding and plan so much for it. The cup cakes look awesome and delicious.

      beautiful photos! very original and emotional shots!

      beautiful photos! very original and emotional shots!

      Beautiful as always:)

      beautiful wedding (and photos, of course). I love that they had it on a farm.

      Uh, that photo of the chicken in front of the tent is just SO SO GREAT.

      I love all of these – the bride and groom just look so comfortable and happy, and the wedding looks like it was really fun. (And tamales! Yum.)

      This has to be one of my favorite sets and couples that you’ve shared. I loved everything, but was particularly touched by the shot of Carissa and her dad, when he had to stop for a moment leading her to Adam. What a lovely, lovely moment! It brought tears to my eyes.

      You’ve captured both of their personalities so well in these pictures that I wish I could get to know them – they seem like fun-loving, unpretentious, creative, and loving people. Beautiful work, Charlotte!

      Gotta admit, I am curious about this too. I hope she didn’t hurt it at all!

      I LOVE the bride’s dress! If I ever do a vow renewal, I’m getting a dress like that. So gorgeous!

      And I love that they have a farm. And that picture of Carissa with the cupcakes. She’s gorgeous! They both are :). Great pics!

      Coolest couple ever!!

      What was that girl doing to that chicken? %)))

      OMG! The chicken in front of the tent!!! <3 <3 <3

      I need to make friends with more people who are awesome and getting married at some point. LOL

      Don’t worry, the chicken was fine! Adam was showing her how to hold a chicken by the legs, and supposedly that is a safe and normal way to do it. The chicken didn’t seem convinced, I must say. 😉

      I love them all, as usual, but I think my favorite two are the ones with the bride icing the cupcakes in the apron and that last shot– her eyelashes are amazing!

      I LOVE IT! This bride was so true to herself! the causal fun nature of the wedding, her DRESS! I love it!

      What an amazing expression of who they are… I love to see when couples put so much of themselves into their wedding.

      AWESOME!!!! What a treat!!! That’s just how my niece rolls when she all over a wedding!!!
      Love you, Char!!
      Auntie Ev

      I cannot get enough of this couple. I am serious. My total favorite. I’m giving them a standing o for beautiful in loveness. The groom is just as radiant as the bride!

      Nice work! Charlotte, did you get any of those cupcakes? I hope you did!!

      Gorgeous! A fun wedding with a super personal feel. Your pics of the storm are incredible! !

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