Brienna and Kyle
The Broadmoor Resort
Colorado Springs
August 24, 2006

Brienna and Kyle have been married for three years, but unfortunately he has had to spend most of that time stationed abroad. He’s preparing for his second assignment to Iraq later this year. Brienna asked me to take some pictures of the two of them together, to help them with their upcoming separation. It’s a true pleasure for me to do anything, no matter how small, to help the families of servicemen and women.

Brienna and Kyle are gorgeous and adorable together!

More photos of Brienna and Kyle


Great! I’m glad to hear it!

yes,it helped a lot!!! i tried it, and i think it looks okay. πŸ™‚ not great, but not bad either. thank you!

i love the b&w’s and the pictures of him holding her! so pretty!!

Wonderful! My younger sister has a figure skating competition there the weekend of February 24th, which is the occasion that would bring me there. With a bit of luck my husband will hopefully be home in time for Christmas, so hopefully I can begin to plan more then. πŸ™‚

Hi Jen! Happy senior year. πŸ™‚

I didn’t go to college for photography–I have a bachelors in psychology and a masters in instructional technology. I did take several photo classes in college and grad school, though, which helped me learn the technical basics of exposure and composition. My psychology and education courses helped me to develop people skills that are great in photography and business.

I wish I had taken business courses! Marketing, management, finance, accounting, tax… all of these skills are essential in business, and I find them the most difficult aspects of my job.

What I’d recommend for you is to take several elective classes in photography, and major in business. πŸ™‚


Does your camera have a macro setting? Many digicams have a setting that looks like a flower, which makes for nicer close-up photos. I also recommend that you choose a solid-colored background, probably a dark one. You could try black fabric. Hope this helps!

Thanks! Actually the only picture that I used a flash was the second one, to fill in the shadows from the harsh direct sunlight. The rest of the pictures were just natural light.

Congratulations to you two on your first anniversary. I’m so sorry you won’t be together to celebrate it. When will he be able to come home?

I’d love to do a photo shoot with you! My winter availability is usually pretty flexible, since I don’t do many weddings during those months. I know that the military often makes it difficult to plan things in advance, so feel free to contact me much closer to the date as you figure out your schedule. During that time of you, you could probably schedule a shoot with just a couple days’ notice. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for the feedback. I have a hard time deciding which ones I like best, too!

Wow, I guess that means I did something right.

I couldn’t imagine being away from Mike for so long. I really commend people who are able to do it. Wow.

Thanks! I hope they do! πŸ˜‰

that was me…….


What a beautiful couple!
I’m sure they’ll love these photos and it will make their distance apart seem less far.

Hi Charlotte! I commented and friended you a few months ago, and I’ve been watching your work… I love it! I’m a high school senior, and you’re truely inspired me. I’m considering going into photography after I graduate, and I was wondering if you could give me any advice (i.e. tell me what you did) as far as college courses/majors or even good photography schools. I don’t know if I want to go into wedding photography specifically, but maybe…
Heh heh, I live in Colorado as well, and I may be asking you to take my wedding photos in a few/several years πŸ˜€

hi charlotte! great work as always!!! πŸ™‚

i wanted to ask some advice from you – i need to photograph some jewelry, and all i have is a digicam. would you happen to have any advise so that the colors turn out properly and that i can capture the detail?

thanks! πŸ™‚

OMG, Charlotte, what incredibly gorgeous shots those are!!! Each and every one is just amazing. Did you use any flash or reflector with these? The lighting is just perfecto!

These truly warmed my heart! My husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary next week, but he is currently serving over in Iraq. My heart goes out to this beautiful couple! I almost feel as if I know them.
I’m curious – how far in advance would I need to book a time with you if I were to have a portrait session done? I’m tentatively planning on being in the Colorado Springs area in February, and I’ve been contemplating bringing my hubby along as well so that we could have you photograph us. The only problem is that trying to plan a vacation around the military usually results in VERY last minute planning… I know february is still really far from now, but how soon would I have to make a decision??

They are the cutest couple ever!

So gorgeous. Is that the Broadmore? Do you have to have permission to take pictures there? I have been wanting to take my girls and do a mini session there.

They are such a sweet couple. Gorgeous photos!
I hope he gets home to her safe and soon.

I think it is because he looks so young. I felt the same way.

Every single one of those photos is drop dead fantastic. Problem is that is only going to make them miss each other more. They are both beautiful!

SO BEAUTIFUL. I always try to remember the ones I like so that I can tell you, but I love a lot of them, especially the ones of them from a distance (him kissing her forehead, him picking her up, etc). I also love that last one.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, these made me cry.

more great work!! I’m sure these will help with their second unfortunate sep. They are a beautiful couple.

What a gorgeous couple, and what stunningly beautiful photographs! If I were them, I would want poster-sized versions of ALL of these to hang in my living room! (I hope they have lots of wall space!)

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