Amy and Alex
      La Foret Conference and Retreat Center
      Colorado Springs
      March 3, 2007

      On Saturday I second shot for Sarah Small, a photographer who traveled from NYC to photograph her friend Alex’s wedding. Amy and Alex are a fun, laid-back couple who had a perfect winter wedding at the La Foret Center here in Colorado Springs. I loved their chapel! At the end of their ceremony, the sun had just set, and they walked out under a gorgeous, twilight sky along a path lined with lanterns.

      They spent the rest of the night dancing to the live music of the Nacho Men. I had never seen this band perform before, but I loved them. If anyone is looking for a great band in Colorado, I highly recommend them!

      I didn’t take many pictures on Saturday, because I was mostly helping Sarah, but I have a few to share from this fun wedding.

      More pictures from their wedding day

      Amy was so much fun!

      A hug from her dad

      Amy looked like a beautiful Snow White on this perfect winter day.

      I loved their chapel! It looked like something out of Santa Fe, yet tucked into the forest of Colorado.

      They celebrated in a warm, lodge-style reception hall in the forest.

      The wedding was beautifully coordinated by Maggie Moran of Celebrations by Maggie.

      I caught this couple having a private moment at the grand piano toward the end of the night.


      I thought the same thing! She’s gorgeous!

      I just found this entry. Your photos just get better and better!

      I see I’m not the only one who thinks she looks like Debra Messing. Especially the 2nd to last photo.

      Hi Alex! It’s great to meet you! 🙂

      gorgeous! thank you for your pictures and inspiration.

      and just to introduce myself: my name is Alex and I am an aspiring photographer in WI.

      Awesome photos! 🙂 You are very talented.

      Amy is beautiful and looks like such a fun person. You really captured that well.

      Great stuff!

      I just noticed there is more than one mirror picture….I love the one where you can see her face from each side and the flowers in her beautiful hair. 🙂

      I think we’ve just discovered Debra Messing’s double.

      The pictures are beautiful, too.


      also, charlotte, that last photograph is stunning. beautiful job as always!

      I love, love the picture of the bride in the mirror. And the last two are great, too! What were they laughing at in the next-to-last picture? Awesome.

      I was going to say that if you gave the bride blonde hair, she’d look just like Reese Witherspoon.

      Oh wow! The first one makes me SO homesick for Christmas in NM! These are gorgeous, as always! I love the chapel too! Its so beautiful!

      great photos as always 🙂

      and she looks just like Debra Messing from Will and Grace!

      Beautiful pictures! I love the last one too 🙂 such a great moment to capture! Also, the first thing I thought when I saw that chapel was “Santa Fe!” but then I read it was in Colorado. It definitely does look Santa Fe-esque though!

      These are gorgeous, Charlotte! I simply love the last one!

      ahahaha! I was just going to say that!!

      I hope if the bride reads this, it’s a compliment but in some of those photos she reminds me of Debra Messing. I think Debra Messing is stunning.

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