The flushmount album case

      I’ve recently started offering gorgeous leather cases for flushmount albums. I love them so much that Mike and I ordered three of them for our own wedding album and parent albums. These cases are custom made to fit each flushmount album and match its leather color. Even our own enormous 84-page wedding albums will fit in their own custom cases. If you are one of my clients and have ordered a flushmount album, please let me know if you’d like to add one of these beautiful cases!

      Each case is made from the same leather as the album, in the color of your choice. So pretty!


      I just learned that people who have already received their album can order these custom cases. They cost $150, and you can order them in my online store on my website: (Go to Portfolios -> Products)

      Hi Jessica! I’d love to have one of these cases made for you, but I’m not sure whether they have to make them at the same time as new album orders. I emailed them today to find out for you, and I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

      Hey Charlotte, it’s Jessica (May 5th last year) and we have a flushmount album. What’s the going rate on these? If you’d prefer to email about it, my personal account is jekka81 at gmail dot com

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      So awesome and classy!

      Oooh! One more reason to love them!

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