Danny’s first hike

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Danny went on his first hike yesterday! We’ve taken him hiking several times, but this is the first time that we let him walk part of the way. He was downright giddy. I think we have a young outdoorsman in our family!

Mike, Danny, Ally, and I drove to Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. After an hour and a half, we arrived eager to see the waterfall, lake, and beach. Then we saw the “no pets” sign at the entrance. My heart sank. Well who needs a park that is so crowded that they don’t want Ally there? We found a deserted trail in nearby Catoctin Mountain Park, and Ally got to run around without disturbing anyone. It was just right.

Catoctin Park hiking trail
Mike carried Danny the entire way, which was no easy feat on some of those hills. Thanks, Mike!

The calming greenery took its effect right away. Have you heard about this study from NIH? Activities in natural, green settings can reduce ADHD symptoms in children.

Ally’s not quite as fit as she was in our Colorado hiking days!

She still was as happy as could be, of course.

After almost 4 miles, we got back to the car, dropped off the backpack, and let Danny walk on the trail. He was ready to get hiking! He even tried to say “hike” a few times, but it came out more like “huh.”

His favorite part was climbing on any obstacles in the way.

Thank goodness he could scale this fallen tree, because I don’t know how he could have gotten around it otherwise.

This video is the best. I love my boys so much:

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    • charlotte

      I totally agree, Michelle. I still miss all the opportunities Ally had to run around in Colorado. And don’t get me started about Fairfax County’s gross dog parks! Ick.

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