Portraits by Tamera of Mike and me

Mike, Ally, and me
Photo by Tamera Goldsmith
Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Colorado Springs
November 23, 2008

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my friend Tamera and I traded portrait sessions. You can see the photos I took of her and her boyfriend, Pat, HERE. I just realized that I never posted the ones she took of us!

Mike and I live really close to Red Rock Canyon, and we go there many times a week to hike with the dog. It has become a special place for the three of us, and I now consider hiking there to be my favorite thing to do in my free time. I’m really excited to have photos of us in our favorite spot.

Thank you so much, Tamera!

This one is the cover of our Christmas card this year. :)

When we first adopted Ally, she was afraid of heights. Now she is an enthusiastic rock climber.

Finally Mike snapped a picture of Tamera and me.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love these!

    I think number 4 is my fave – of your dog out front and you two holding hands. Sweet!

    I’m gonna do this “trade gig” with photographer friends of mine!


  2. Anonymous

    it’s so interesting to see pictures by others besides you and mike. there is most definitely a stylistic difference and i don’t even know anything about photography!

  3. charlottegeary

    Thanks! Those rock formations are fascinating. They used to lie flat and were covered by water, before the land dried up and the rocks shifted. You can see the swirling indents in the rocks that were caused by waves.

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